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Find Out How You Can Successfully Apply, And Process Your Canada Study Visa Without Going Broke Paying Agents...

Dear friend,

You will agree with me that there has never been a better time to live your dream of relocating, studying abroad or even getting a second citizenship for you and your family than it is now.

The buzz about Relocating out of Nigeria is everywhere.

Except you are living under the rock, You would notice that everyone is clamoring to relocate to Canada.

This reason is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

Truth is Canada is indeed a land of opportunities so relocating to Canada is an investment that is worth its weight in dollars..Lol

There are so many pathways to get the Canadian Permanent residency. such as Express Entry(EE) and Provincial Nomination Program(PNP)

However the easiest and the best pathway is by study. Whether you are 18 or 50 years of age you stand a chance to get a study Visa or Permit. 

The Good news you would soon find out is that you don’t need any agent whatsoever to help you apply or process it, You also don’t need to write IELTS/TOEFL. I’m going to show you all the schools in Canada that don’t require IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc

I’m sure you or someone close to you have lost money to agents to help secure admission and study visa in Canada.

And that’s because…

No agent has the power to issue Visas.

This is why I have put together this guide to provide you with the information you need to apply to colleges and universities in Canada for admission, and also secure your student visa without giving any kobo to any agent who 90% of the time would take advantage of you and leave you broke.

Do you plan to relocate with your family?

You will find a lot of proven and  valuable information in this guide that will help you.

If you read this far then its proof you are very serious about your dream. Keep reading to find out how


Canada Study Permit Blueprint

A step by step practical guide to process your Canada study visa whether you are 18 or 54 without any agent.

Here Is What You'll Learn Inside This Course

That's A Lot of Value

If you follow the advice and information in this blueprint, I’m certain you will testify.

Now, if all this blueprint helped you achieve is secure a fully funded scholarship for your Masters or Ph.d program, will it be worth N50,000

Ofcourse. Your are right, it will

I’m sure for securing a scholarship coupled with getting a study permit you would even be willing to pay more than N50,000 

But I won’t give it to you at that amount.

If I charge N30,000 so many people would be happy and start paying immediately, but I’m eager to help you reach your goals and fulfill that dream of studying and Relocating abroad, so I won’t charge you that as well. 

How much would you pay for this?

I want to get this course into your hands so you can immediately begin your journey to securing your Canada study visa. So I’m doing the unthinkable by making this available to you with all the value and bonuses contained in it for the price of Pizza and Ice Cream.

The Total value of this Blueprint is N100,000 This is way less than any agent will charge you to process your Canada Study visa which most of the time they fail to do. 

To get this blueprint, you will be paying 10% of N50,000That’s N5000

Yea that’s right!

I will offer this Blueprint and all the Bonuses for a limited time for only ₦5000


Yes, You’ll Pay – ₦5000

Meet Our Happy Students

Chinonso Ndukwe

I secured a supervisor with full funding (20000 CAD) after applying the information in the Canada Study Permit Blueprint.

Adekunle Micheal

I’m beyond words excited and grateful to Mftagency for sharing this guide and I don’t take it for granted. It has been a funny journey. After 2 student visa refusal. I applied with 7years study gap and My study permit was approved

Jonathan Muwisho

I found this online  in my search to relocate to any country permanently with my family in 2020. Even though I was already 40 years with M.Sc Applied Computing from University of Nairobi. Through this Canada Study Permit Blueprint training, I realized I could relocate with my age and even my family. I have learnt a lot on this journey from how to seek for potential supervisor up to getting passport request.


How to Bypass IELTS in Your Study Application

(VALUE: ₦15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Post Graduate Work Permit And Spouse Open Work Permit Guide

(VALUE: ₦20,000 - It's FREE Today!)

How to Secure a Job and Settle in Canada

(VALUE: ₦45,000 - It's FREE Today!)

How To Apply For Scholarships

Canada Scholarship Application Guide ebook

(VALUE: ₦55,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Guide to Finding Supervisors for Masters and Ph.D programs

(VALUE: ₦30,000 - It's FREE Today!)

The Total Value For Canada Study Permit Blueprint + All The Bonuses:


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to try out the Information contained in this Blueprint.

If this training doesn’t blow you away, just send us an email and 100% of your investment will be refunded.

That’s how confident I am in this training. This will literally change your life.

Questions People Are Asking...

You’ll have immediate access if you pay online. On the next page, after online payment, you’ll access the Canada Study Permit Blueprint + bonuses immediately

You can send a mail to daniel@mftagency.com.ng or send a Whatsapp message to +2348037621674 and you’d get a quick response

IELTS has never been the requirement of Canadian embassy but it is the requirement of universities in Canada. … There are many universities in Canada where international students are now allowed to study without IELTS requirements. You will find them in this blueprint

In general, a Nigerian student applying to an undergraduate program in Canada who has a WAEC/NECO result with a minimum of C6 (or C5 depending on the institution) in English Language, may be exempt from the English Language proficiency requirement. Also, for postgraduate studies in Canada, a Nigerian student who have completed a 3 or 4 years’ undergraduate degree may be exempted from the educational institutions English Language proficiency requirement since undergraduate degrees in Nigeria are taught in English Language. However, the Canadian educational institution reserves the right to ask a student for a Proof of English Language proficiency at any point.

Most schools in Canada do not accept graduates with HND or Third class into their Master degree program. even though we have a few that do, it is best to consider going first for a post graduate diploma (PGD) or post graduate certificate program (PGC) in Canada after which you can apply for your masters program.

If you are hoping to get an entrance award or entrance scholarship from the Canadian educational institution, then your best bet is the September intake, as most Canadian universities only consider ‘Fall’ (September) applicants for entrance awards/scholarship. However to get admission into the September (Fall) semester you have to start your application proces very early.

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An easy way to get your program now is to pay Online. 

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If You Dont Make Sacrifice For What You Want, What You Want Becomes The Sacrifice

Becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada comes with immense benefit

Such as

Minimal Crime Rate Top of the list why people migrate is security. Canada places a high value on life and properties. If you want to move to a place where you feel 100% secure because the crime rate is so low then Canada should be on your short list

Canada Boast a very Robust Job Market While some parts of the world are constantly faced with unemployment, the Canadian Job market remains solid.

Studying in Canada automatically gives you an advantage in the Canada job market as most employers give priority to candidates with Canadian education and experience. 

Healthcare This makes it even sweeter. The government of Canada has made sure affordable and quality health care is available to everyone.

Truth is, this is an opportunity to get the life you want and whichever way you look at it you have nothing to lose. Do not let this opportunity elude you.

Over 200 people have benefited from this blueprint already.

The interesting thing is You can start this process yourself by hiring a IRCC accredited immigration consultant at an average cost of $2000. but still there is no guarantee you will get the Visa

But like I said you don’t have to spend that much when you can take this life changing offer, follow the practical steps, do it yourself and save your money. You will need it when you get to Canada.

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